Restaurant Tablao el Jaleo


Magic, art and feeling

Come and discover the most spectacular flamenco in Cordoba, our dancers are first class and will fill your soul with emotion and joy with their art. Our flamenco dancers are passionate and expressive dancers who perform flamenco dance with elegance and strength. Their dance style incorporates energetic and fast foot movements, rhythmic beats, heel tapping, hand movements and expressive gestures. Through their dance, they convey the emotion and history behind flamenco music.

guitarra española

World-famous artists

Our flamenco singers are passionate singers who transmit deep emotions through their voices. We are fortunate to have flamenco singers of a spectacular level who make the audience merge with their voices and make your blood vibrate as if you had flamenco in your soul. Our flamenco musicians are virtuosos of the Spanish guitar and the cajón, who accompany the singers and dancers, transmitting a magical atmosphere with their music, caressing the strings of the guitar as if they were caressing your heart.

restaurante flamenco

The kitchen becomes Art

Discover our restaurant which stands out for its sophisticated ambience, impeccable service, high culinary quality, attention to detail and an exceptional dining experience in every aspect. It is the ideal place for those who are looking to enjoy an exceptional meal in a refined and exclusive environment and who want to discover our concept of cuisine, flamenco gastronomy, where you can also enjoy a live flamenco show of the highest level, or a quiet and refined atmosphere in any of our lounges.


Discover our culinary concept,
the Flamenco Gastronomy


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