History of Tablao El Jaleo


Façade in 1930

At that time in history our building housed the headquarters of the People’s House.


Old photo of the Alhóndiga Square

Alhóndiga Square owes its name its name to the fact that in the Middle Ages it was the place where wheat was stored wheat. It was the public house where wheat was bought and sold.

In our establishment you will not only find Flamenco art but also culture and history, the magic and the aura that permeates our building is very special, and you can feel it as soon as you enter, because the history and the people behind it make up a whole that enriches each of the rooms.

On 1st May 1916 the first stone was laid of what was already known in other towns as the Casa del Pueblo. The building was located in the Plaza Alhóndiga and the rear façade faced the riverbank or Ronda de Isasa. It was a work of great social dimension, worthy and appropriate for the Workers’ Societies. This is how the press of the time described the event:


Façade in 2010 It would later house the mesón the bodegón.
entrada El Jaleo

Year 2023 Inauguration of the Jaleo Restaurante tablao El Jaleo, a place with history and magic.

Later, in 1934, the headquarters of the Anti-Fascist Women’s Committee of Cordoba was set up. We have enclosed a press cutting from the time where this fact appears, as well as, as a curiosity, advertisements from the old Luque bookshop, a telephone number from Cordoba in 1934 and the price of a radio, a symbol of the highest communications technology of the time.

Cover of the 1934 edition of the newspaper El Sur

Note as a historical curiosity the telephone number that appears at the at the top of the phone number: 2-7-5-5

Clipping from the Anti-Fascist Women’s Committee of Cordoba in 1934

Article from 1934 addressed to all anti-fascist women, note how advanced the period was in terms of in rights and equality as a curiosity.

Advertisement for the sale of a 1934 radio 195 pesetas was the price of a radio, a symbol of the highest communications technology of the time.

There is a place in our establishment where we have made a tribute to all these people who enriched our history, only by observing very well you will be able to find it.

If you do, tell us about it and let us know what you think!