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Encarna y Hugo

Tablao El Jaleo is a new project by an exquisite cast of artists in the heart of Cordoba. The establishment has an unrivalled location just 20 metres from the ancient Mosque Cathedral, the symbol and treasure of the city and its centuries-old Jewish quarter. In this historic three-storey building, visitors to the Tablao El Jaleo can take a journey through the different styles of flamenco, making delicious stops to taste the legendary gastronomy of Cordoba.

The stage of the Tablao El Jaleo has already become a true Flamenco Hall of Honour, given the number of great artists who have performed there. Among them, the winners of the National Awards of Córdoba for singing and guitar, the Desplante de las Minas de la Unión Awards and the Bordón Minero de las Minas de la Unión Awards. The singing of Rafa and José del Calli, the guitar playing of José Villalta, Niño Seve and Juanma “El Tomate”, the dancing of Ana Latorre, Hugo López, Encarna López and Dani Navarro, among others, come together in a fantastic show admired by all kinds of audiences.

Encarna López
Encarna López

Discover the best flamenco programme in Cordoba, mong them, the winners of the National Awards of Córdoba for singing and guitar, the Desplante de las Minas de la Unión Awards and the Bordón Minero de las Minas de la Unión Awards. Tablao El Jaleo has the latest generation sound equipment to guarantee the enjoyment of the flamenco experience and to preserve all the nuances of this great art.

We has a cast of artists who have performed in the most renowned theatres and festivals in the world

In the Flamenco Theatre of the tablao El Jaleo we have great masters of the most famous Spanish music that brings the whole world to its feet with its magic, a dance that is very different from any other that exists in the world, since the magic, the art and the feeling that is expressed with it is something that is very difficult to understand if you don’t experience it live.
Hugo y Encarna

For this we have created a show where our artists are very close to the audience and where you can really feel the experience of the most authentic flamenco and with the great team of artists that compose it, starting with world-renowned singers, as well as great masters of Spanish guitar and percussion, and what to say about our dancers, who have a world top level and that in each performance make the audience get excited.

To feel their energy and their art so close is something that if you don’t experience it, you can’t explain it in words. The magical atmosphere that is created in each performance, makes your hair stand on end and the audience even has to stand up to applaud because the atmosphere that surrounds you is passion, energy, feeling and that you have to live it live because there are no words to explain it.

The music, the voices of the cantaores, the bailaoras and bailaores, together with the exquisite food make the Jaleo such a mystical and magical place where at any moment if you look closely, you can see people with tears running down their cheeks without knowing why, simply this emotion is called flamenco and it is something wonderful.

Weekly agenda

Every week we draw up an agenda based on the requirements of our public, although we usually perform one show a day, this can be modified because the demands of our public require it, on occasions we have had to prepare up to three shows a day and even a show contracted for a special event. Every night has its own special magic and the show is never the same, every night is different and unrepeatable.

You can’t miss it even if it’s only once in a lifetime. There are many people who tell us that they came as companions, that they have never liked flamenco. But once they have experienced our show they tell us that they didn’t know what flamenco was until they had experienced it with us. We are used to seeing this level on television, but when you live it close to you, a few metres away, the show envelops you and your feelings do the rest, you get excited, you fall in love with it and flamenco will never be the same for you again.


As a general rule, our show starts at approximately 21:00 so that you can enjoy a quiet dinner beforehand, where you can delight your palate with our exquisite dishes.

It is advisable to book a ticket, so that you will never run out of seats on the day you plan to attend.