Our restaurant is the ideal place for those who are looking to enjoy an exceptional meal in a refined and exclusive environment and who want to discover our concept of cuisine, flamenco gastronomy, where you can also enjoy a live flamenco show of the highest level, or a quiet and refined atmosphere in any of our lounges.

As you can see below you have several options to enjoy our environment.


Dinner + Show Menu

The Dinner + Show menu includes 2 starters plus a main course to choose between meat or fish, a drink and a dessert for a spectacular price of only 50€ per person.

Show only ticket


If you just want to enjoy our wonderful flamenco show, the entrance fee is 20€ per person.

A la carte food without entertainment

If what you fancy is a quiet evening in a place full of magic, you can access our rooms outside the flamenco tablao, where you can enjoy the typical gastronomy of our land combined with the most innovative flamenco fusions.

I just want to have a soft drink, a beer, a coffee, etc...

You can also enjoy our wonderful terrace or roof terrace, where you can have a beer, soft drink, coffee, drink or whatever you fancy, in a unique environment in the company of your partner, friends or family, or just enjoying your moment.

Children's menu

The children’s menu for children up to 8 years old will have free entrance to the show, and a cost of 20€ and consists of 1st dish, 2nd dish, dessert and drink.

You will enjoy a select meal, where culinary excellence is combined with a unique gastronomic experience. Our restaurant is an ideal destination for those looking to delight their palates with exquisite dishes and sophisticated flavours where we combine typical flavours of our land with the most innovative cuisine.


In this exclusive establishment, cooking becomes an art. Each dish is meticulously prepared by our chefs, who take great care to use fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Their culinary creativity gives rise to a variety of unique and captivating dishes that will surprise and delight even the most demanding palates, you will discover with us the Flamenco gastronomy.

The restaurant prides itself on offering an elegant and welcoming ambience, carefully designed to create a complete sensory experience. From the sophisticated décor to the carefully selected lighting, every detail has been considered to provide diners with an environment that reflects the exquisiteness of the dishes served.


A select restaurant with exquisite dishes and sophisticated flavours

The service at this restaurant is exceptional. The highly trained and friendly staff is dedicated to providing personalised and discreet attention. Diners are greeted with warmth and courtesy, and are guided through a memorable dining experience. Waiters and sommeliers are on hand to advise on choosing the perfect pairing and ensure that every need and preference is catered for with excellence.

The wine list is a treasure in itself. The restaurant has an extensive selection of renowned wines, which have been carefully chosen to complement the flavours and enhance the dining experience. Wine lovers will find exquisite choices from different regions and varieties, all with the aim of providing a complete and satisfying sensory experience.

In short, this fine dining restaurant is a place where lovers of fine dining can indulge in exquisite dishes, sophisticated flavours and a memorable culinary experience. The combination of exceptional cuisine, elegant ambience, impeccable service and an exceptional wine list make this restaurant a unique destination and a perfect choice for those seeking a first-class dining experience.